The Peterborough Diner

The Peterborough Diner remains as an historic 1950's Worcester Lunch Car Diner. Famous for being the first Worcester Lunch Car made with green and cream, the Peterborough Diner still embraces its historical character, while stepping up to the challenge of today's competition

• The existing Peterborough Diner was placed in its current location on Depot Square and in native hearts in 1949.

Through the Years

A History of the Peterborough Diner

• Before 1936- Frank and Dora Ryan Had a wooden diner on Grove Street (located in front of now- Nonies and shoe store)
• Frank and Dora purchased a used diner and placed it on Depot Square site after the flood of 1936.
• 1946- Milton Fontaine purchased Frank Ryan's old diner- (the land belonged to B&M Railroad. A water tank for the steam engines was just behind the diner)
• The existing Peterborough Diner was placed in its current location on Depot Square and in native hearts in 1949.
• 1950- Worcester Dining Car Company built the new diner. It was the first one made in dark green and cream. Placed on the same spot as the old one.
• 1955- Milton Gontaine sold the diner to his brother Edward Fontaine.
• 1974- A bathroom was placed in the diner!
• 1983 - Edward Fontaine retires, selling the diner to Doug Bartlett and Don Merwin who plan expansions
• 1984- Theofanis & Jane Athanasopoolos and Andy & Stacey Pirovolisanos buy the diner. Grand Reopening of the diner April 23, 1984.
• 1985- Owners discovered that the diner never got hooked up to sewer connection
• August 2003- New owners, natives of New Hampshire, Patrick Healey and Eric Finley buy the diner.
• July 2004- A new, different layout, menu for both breakfast, lunch/dinner, and kids roll out focusing on quality food at a great price.
• August 2004- Classic Car Cruise and Cook-out celebrate the one year anniversary of the new owners.
• May, 2008 - Patrick Healey becomes sole owner of the Peterborough Diner

Diner Fact #1

If you visit the Peterborough Diner and sit on the left side counter (from the entrance) you will see a food window where the kitchen sells the food. Under that window is a shelf. That shelf is actually a door that is flipped over. This location, from what we know, was where the food used to be prepared on a grill. That grill has been removed and innovative reconstruction placed it in a larger area in the back. For the 1st year anniversary of new ownership, the staff and owner invited the community to a Classic Car Cruise and Cook Out. We believe the best way to celebrate is to invite the community. Face painting, a live DJ playing oldies music, kid's games, and give-always were among the festivities.

Diner Fact #2

In June 2003, the now highly-used ice cream cooler was installed. Before this time, whenever an ice cream product (frappe, sundae) were ordered, the servers had to go back into the kitchen to scoop the ice cream. What a hassle that must have been! Do you want to know something about the Peterborough Diner? Our friend, the late Jon Nichols had been a regular at the diner since it was delivered over 55 years ago. "I was sitting on that stone wall over there (referring to the wall across the street- in front of the movie theatre) when they brought it here. I watched Roland Johnson set it up. I've been coming here ever since." We always looked forward to Jon's daily visits, whether it be for just a cup of coffee or a steak dinner. He was like family. We will all miss him.